Four Rhythms and a Melody

Hi. DIY culture is alive and kicking. Long time no see… I’ve been busy.

I have accumulated a good collection of musical instruments. I have been practising, learning, playing, recording, experimenting. I hope to expand the collection on an ongoing basis.

And I still write.

And I still do it myself.

My writing can be found here:

My music can be found here:

Enough promoting, so what am I doing?

I have been recording a lot, getting used to the equipment, re-learning the processes, practising, experimenting, trying out ideas. I used to play a lot many years ago. I have been coaxed out of retirement.

I record instrumental pieces. Always trying something new. Today I have been working on a guitar motif attached to a rhythm pattern that came from listening to a recent addition to my CD collection. I have a constant stream of CDs arriving, from modern classical to old school punk, from Kraftwerk to FKA Twigs. All interesting, all educational.

Back to the rhythm, angular, expressive. A simple guitar motif, in B Minor. I listen again, searching for ways to make it work. Percussion. It needs a percussive track. I tap one out on the drum machine. Retro I know, yet real enough to keep the music organic. It’s not enough. I walk, I consider, I listen again and again. More rhythm. Take away the angle, add a snare, anchor the pattern. Yet still not enough. I sleep, I eat, I talk and I listen. I always listen. Syncopation, I need syncopation. I add another rhythm, another layer. I know I have four parts, four rhythms, four patterns and a melody. The pace changes, the feel changes, the mood turns positive. This is going to be interesting… I need structure…



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One Hundred Lines – Welcome to Panoptica

I was never taught how to fill in an application form, when I was at school.

I was never taught how to change a plug, when I was at school.

I was told I talked to much, when I was at school.

I was always being given one hundred lines, when I was at school.

To celebrate my Great British education,

Here are one hundred lines, taken from my latest collection: ‘Welcome to Panoptica’…

  1. Will we be tarnished as troublemakers?
  2. I spend my life trying to turn brick walls into caring human beings.
  3. Did you ever dare to question your teachers?
  4. Please don’t take another generation away.
  5. We talk ourselves into hopeless dead ends.
  6. Graffiti has a price tag now.
  7. Hearing not listening.
  8. TV fictions despise social explanations.
  9. Our minds are sealed.
  10. Whispering rhymes amid the quietness.
  11. One eye shut is no way to live.
  12. Might I move to the next chapter before death passeth me a rose.
  13. Time is just a bunch of ticks.
  14. Babies buried in an arid country.
  15. Let us all play in your world.
  16. Give your wishes away.
  17. Keep the middle eye closed and walk towards the water.
  18. The newly born, dying to crawl.
  19. The lost boy in the laughing crowd.
  20. Is it some grey world?
  21. We’ve been hidden from ourselves.
  22. Let the receiver be the explorer.
  23. This small, retracting world.
  24. Detained and lined, what did we learn from you?
  25. You don’t need a classroom to learn about the world.
  26. These are the inverted rebels.
  27. They will say it’s for your own good.
  28. Watch your heritage drift downstream.
  29. They hang themselves and they hang each other.
  30. The facades of the town are successful.
  31. Stories of dead men in front of the TV.
  32. I want you to talk to the spirit of a child that starved.
  33. I bled when the papers cut at my throat.
  34. Tuneless nation come together.
  35. We just wanted to distract you.
  36. Let the sick be my witness.
  37. A survivor surveys a survivor.
  38. The ragged and rugged all gather around.
  39. For the love of peace.
  40. The infectious laughter in her eyes.
  41. It’s not too soon for a watching nation.
  42. They were hacking at dead meat.
  43. And we are dead under the car now.
  44. She said that the cure remains hidden.
  45. You are the wall around my mind.
  46. Retreat to the gutter and wish for rain.
  47. Stand up and scream at your screen.
  48. There are no traffic jams in adverts.
  49. This drained house cries.
  50. Another idea, dead and gone.
  51. A decision that’s a killer for a nation.
  52. Resigned to a life without quality.
  53. You will not suffocate this burning fire.
  54. Rail against nonsense.
  55. Whatever happened to contentment?
  56. Let us sit down together and listen through this.
  57. Waste time wandering around the world.
  58. From your brain in to the public domain.
  59. Resist forgetting each moment.
  60. The absurdity of the hurried.
  61. Love sometimes wears the strangest faces.
  62. To live in peace, before I rest in peace.
  63. There’ll be no more moments now.
  64. My mind is searching for something to hang on to.
  65. Feeding the cruel, starving the kind.
  66. Let’s leave the world confused.
  67. I see collapse and collapse and collapse again.
  68. The machine beneath ticks away.
  69. We are liberated, for our own sake.
  70. I’m so sorry for the moments that I have wasted.
  71. We retreat to the wings.
  72. Behold the triumph of far-sighted wisdom.
  73. Why write of war?
  74. We can be strong and we can heal.
  75. With courage we can be on one side.
  76. The powered cries out.
  77. The man who listens to the voices of children, holds they key.
  78. Is it with purity that I live in darkness?
  79. I count each piece as I count each tear.
  80. All that you believed was good.
  81. Mourning the passing of another lie.
  82. Waste creates human waste.
  83. You pointed a gun to your land.
  84. Incapacitated by blood and greed.
  85. The car crash victim blaming the inventor of the wheel.
  86. We’re displaced and it’s a disgrace.
  87. Disease in the air.
  88. One decision and our industry is dead.
  89. There are dead ones in the street.
  90. As children, we are scared.
  91. Do you embrace your fear or does your fear embrace you?
  92. Hunting down the remnants of fables.
  93. And they made the city far too high.
  94. Scorched boundaries of worthless nations.
  95. Marketing is all that marketing sells.
  96. For we are colour and we are bright.
  97. Stone moon cuts bloodied horizon.
  98. Maybe children don’t exist anymore?
  99. Why must we be sophisticated?
  100. You are nothing but a scratch.

‘Welcome to Panoptica’ now available:

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Coming soon… ‘Welcome To Panoptica’

Panoptica promo final


And here is a draft list of the contents…


Panoptica contents

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One Moment Angry…

  • I have nothing left to offer but a pulse and to continue being a burden on the food chain.


  1. When I was young… younger?

My father used to say that homeless people deserved their situation, that they must have brought it on themselves.

This used to annoy me.

I felt that this couldn’t surely be the case.

Surely everyone has a family?

And I knew from school that some families weren’t as nice as mine… and mine weren’t perfect.


  • People become more conservative with age.


  1. I was made homeless, at a later age… and I ended up sleeping on a friend’s sofa for a month…

I was lucky.

I had a job.

I found somewhere to live, eventually.


  • There are, unfortunately, people who refuse to adapt their lifestyle to match their circumstance…, living a little bit beyond their means… getting into debt… or simply not looking after what they have.

I was lucky.

I learnt to count my blessings when I was young.

I was brought up to… and my family weren’t perfect.


  1. Homelessness is something I have always felt close to. I threatened to run away, once.

I stood alone.

I stood outside the door.

Did I deserve homelessness?

Does anyone?

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Bob Geldof has shown that there is little hope.

The release of band Aid 30 showed that there is little hope…it shows that the initial efforts of Band Aid and Live Aid, while admirable, changed little. It also shows that little faith is placed in musicians now. Band Aid is a part of the establishment and fewer people trust the establishment. It proved that, where rock and pop music was once considered youthful rebellion, it is in fact a conservative act, as Johnny Ramone once pointed out. It is therefore part of the problem. Those rebels are being seen as little more than greedy and untrustworthy, much in the same way as politicians are. The change in stance for Live8, when there were no requests for donations, along with the shift of subject matter for Band Aid 30, also suggests defeat. Our own country struggles to feed itself due to the greedy hoarders of wealth, this is what triggers the need for food parcels. A wealthy country that cannot feed its own cannot feed the world. The system won’t let it. The country is run by traitors and the musicians validate their position through their decadent greed.

Do your research 1


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Feardom or Ourtopia 1

We should not have to make a choice… and I do not believe that these are our only choices. The grey areas and the edges, the periphery and the centre, the compromise and the comparison and all that is in between.

We should not have to make a choice.

F or O 1

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November in a T-Shirt

November in a T-shirt,

Washing away the dirt of an insistence illness,

That left me low, stunted my growth,

Now the sun scares my skin,

Casts a shadow, thin,

Building up strength,

And building up confidence,

It’s no coincidence,

That today I write,

To say I’ve won the fight,

And I can sit here in this t shirt.

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